Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Money Diet

Least anyone get to thinking this is a food blog, I have to remind you (and myself) that it is actually a self-improvement via spiritual rejuvenation blog- so all my entries can't be about food. This one is about exercise. It's been about two weeks since I've been to the gym. When it came time to make the quarterly membership payment, I found that my revenues had been reassigned to take care of little things like replacing my totalled van (thanks 18 year old), replacing our dryer that had given up the ghost, and paying freshly arrived medical bills incurred last month by a sick child ( and I won't even mention the stack of greenbacks it took to get 5 kids 'back to school' - they should call it 'back to broke'- the sports physicals, the eye exams, the dental appointments, the haircuts, the school supplies, the book fees, oy vey- you get the picture). Oh well, such is life. So in place up early morning trips to the gym, I've had to come up with a home workout. Good thing I happen to own an entire collection of workout equipment and tapes purchased over the years. I just blew the dust off and away I go...
I start with 15 minutes of morning yoga with Rodney Yee. No one holds my yoga mat space sacrosanct, so it's interesting with cats walking across my belly as I lay in relaxation or toddlers grabbing my legs as I try to hold a downward dog position. The trick is to get up earlier than the cats and toddlers I suppose. After my yoga I do a 20 minute workout called Beach Body. I really like these energetic aerobic workouts and I really can work up a sweat. Some days I skip both of these and choose to walk to work instead, about 2.5 miles. I also own weights and bands, which I prefer to use in the evenings, but I rarely get a moment to myself in the evening, so the weight bearing stuff isn't done as regularly. So as long as my finances are on a diet, it's nice to have a back-up plan.

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