Sunday, January 8, 2012

Vibram Five Finger

I took my barefoot lifestyle to a whole new level this week when I purchased a pair of Vibram Five Finger barefoot shoes.  If you haven't seen a pair yet, they are shoes with separate toe spaces.  The look like mittens for your feet.  I love my new barefoot shoes.  I walk in them, run in them and wear them every chance I get.  I'm looking forward to wearing them in Mexico for the three-day walk.  Here's a link to the website to see for yourself.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


The Year is 2012.  It will be a fantastic year for me. Here are my goals, in no certain order.

Read/Fastidiously- My reading challenge will be to read something for my pure enjoyment and 
                                     edification once a month
Bi/Lingual- My goal for this year is to become conversational in Spanish and Haitian Creole

Walk/Barefoot- I plan to improve my posture, foot health, and overall fitness stamina by going barefoot 
                         as often as possible, but especially when I walk or run my three miles a day
Squat/Regularly- In place of sitting in conventional chairs, I plan to sit on either my mostly deflated 
                          fitness ball or tailor sit on the floor
Swing/Kettle- My weight training will consist of swinging the kettle bell with increasing reps and
                       increasing weights
Eat/To live- I will choose my foods based on my metabolic and energy needs and less on cravings,
                      habit, social pressure,or boredom 

Breathe/Silence-  I will seek out daily meditative silence, and solitude and cultivate the discipline
                             of practiced deep breathing

Here's to a prosperous and fabulous New Year.