Saturday, December 31, 2011


My journey toward weight loss has been ongoing.  For several months, I was in Weight Watchers and it was working for me- until I lost my job, could no longer afford the monthly fees, and was booted out.  I could feel the few pounds I lost on WW creep back on in the two months since I've not has access.  I just finished reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.  My friend Morningstar suggested it since it was about Indians of Mexico, near where we will be going for a pilgrimage in January (more on that later).  The book really changed my view about running, and even inspired me to try it.  I have been an avid walker for years and have been trying to boost my endurance for the five day pilgrimage in Mexico where I'll be walking up to 20 miles a day.  Strangely enough, the book also got me rethinking my diet.  I've been on a journey for years trying to discover the correct way for ME to eat. This book gave me some serious clues.  I have made progress now in a couple of areas.  I'm an avid water drinker- it is now my drink of choice.  I crave greens and try to eat them daily.  I still go back and forth on the consumption of meat.  I still think juicing is important.  I'm happy to cut back on dairy and increase my whole grain, beans, fruit, and vegetable consumption.  I find that I'm having to change some of my assumptions about food, and learn ways to prepare foods that I want to add to my diet.  It is a fun and challenging experiment.  Add to the complexity that I live with seven other people who just want me to cook like I always used to- although two of my six kids have become vegetarian.

For now I will continue my daily 3 mile walking/running circuit.  Add a daily free weight work out for replacing some of this fat with muscle.  Boost greens, grains, and beans and juicing- and decrease dairy and meat.  I can feel my body changing with this plan.  I'm grateful to be learning more and more about what works for me.  My body feels like an ally.

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