Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Something New

Okay, I can't claim to have tried every diet on the planet in my pursuit of weight loss, because I flat out just don't believe in diets. However I have tried a multitude of workouts, and no small assortment of diet pills (despite my aversion to medications). Last night I tried something completely different and a little out of my comfort zone: hypnosis. I gathered with about 100 others in a hotel room to get two hours of instruction in weight loss hypnosis. I am familiar with hypnosis from my birth work- it's used as a tool for pain relief in labor, so I am open to the idea. As I lay on the hotel floor surrounded by strangers also lying on the floor, I thought this would be worth a shot. No I did not re-live my 37 past lives or get possessed by bored and mischievous demons. It was actually pretty similar to something I do in my morning quiet times. I have a stack of affirmations that I read out loud to myself every morning. I took a workshop once on writing affirmations and found I had a real talent for creating them. So each morning when I read them to myself, I am affirming a positive suggestion to myself. Just yesterday I was marveling at how my life was slowly transforming to conform to the affirmations. The hypnosis was like that. The hypnotist was making suggestions to my subconscious to get fuller eating less and that sort of thing. I have to keep playing the tape I was given at the seminar for the next 21 days as my follow-up work. I'll update how it's going. Here are a few of my affirmations I state daily:

"I can accomplish what the day demands through organized effort and persistence."

"I choose to live in an orderly, chaos-free, clean, loving, creative and supportive environment."

"I treat my body with respect by tending to it's daily needs, which includes healthy food choices, and planned daily workouts. I am clean, well-groomed, ready to meet the demands of each day, and to embrace whatever opportunities come my way."

"I have taken away from myself every excuse for not being the kind of person or living the kind of life I know I have the potential to live."

"I am comfortable in the company of all kinds of people and can initiate interesting conversations that draw people out, my ease puts them at ease."

Try creating your own affirmations (you can use these if they apply, but it's better to handcraft your own). Just be sure to phrase them in the positive as if you are already doing it. Don't say "I'll try to do such and such" just do it. Of course they should reflect your desires for your life.

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