Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gonna Party Like it's my Birthday

I had the lovliest day yesterday. I started at 5am. Up to complete a homework assignment for my online class. It felt liberating to get it done. Then to the office for an hour or so, then on the road to check on students at a clinical site. A quick stop at the Wyandotte County health department. The students were eager to share their experiences. Next stop: Truman Hospital. My niece was having surgery. She was already in surgery when I arrived but I visited with my sister, aunt and another niece in the waiting room. A second aunt works at the hospital, so I stopped by her office to visit her as well. It was a treat to see two aunts in one day! After leaving the hospital, I joined my son for lunch at Mildred's, downtown coffeeshop. We shared a fabulous baked brie with brown sugar and almonds served with grapes and toast points, along with our spinach and feta salads. He caught me up on his work on the school board and I told him about my work with my nursing students. Speaking of nursing students- it was time to head to Olathe Head Start to check on the second group. From downtown to Olathe is 30 minutes of straight highway driving, blaring my radio the whole way! After checking on students and doing some pre-planning with the Head Start nurses for next month, I headed back to the office to finish up some work. My male torso anatomical model had arrived (new toy!). I'll use it during my male anatomy lecture- already have the female one. I sat them side by side to admire them. Left quickly for the day to do some shopping at the Oak Park Mall a couple of blocks away. I stocked up on make up and found the perfect dress for my birthday celebration. Also brought fish net stockings to go with the dress. Spent more than I planned but was pleased with my findings. Headed home to get ready. I looked fabulous (I forgot to take pictures so you'll have to take my word for it). Hubby and I headed off to the museum to meet our friends. We had a lovely knowledgeable docent give us a wonderful tour of the American Gallery. Afterwards we had a fantastic dinner in Rozelle Court, the museum restaurant (one of my absolute favorites). I had roasted garlic shrimp salad, and trout stuffed with crab meat. For dessert, the restaurant prepared a delicious chocolate cake for us. We had a fantastic time. It was lovely to reconnect with friends and family (my mom was with us). After the museum closed, my husband and I drove over to see friends who had been invited, but couldn't come. We took our leftover cake to their house, where we found them playing scrabble with some of their adult kids. We fed them all cake and visited, and their lovely youngest daughter played songs for me on her harp. Then we headed home and shared the last of the cake with our kids, who of course were still up. It was a wonderful birthday. I look forward to what another year will hold...

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