Sunday, September 13, 2009


So glad I got back in the habit of my DQT (daily quiet time). Right now my ritual is to listen to my hypnosis tape, then light a candle and do some meditation, read a snippet from Victoria Moran's "Living a Charmed Life" while having a cup of hot tea (right now I'm really into chocolate chai). I usually play some background music also. Right now I'm totally into Taylor Mesple's instrumental CD called "Autumn." Followed by my Rodney Yee morning yoga sequence. That's it. I'm loving my mornings. I love the way my quiet times evolve with the seasons. During summer I had my DQT outside and included watering all my gardens. Now its a little cool in the mornings and the plants don't need watering nearly as much (lots of rain also- for a midwest Aug/Sept) so I've moved more indoors. The activities always center around wellness, enrichment, and what I find pleasing. I love my DQT. It makes me more prepared to face the busyness of my days.

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