Saturday, December 6, 2008


My exercise regimen consists mainly of 15 minutes of yoga and 20 minutes of aerobics every weekday morning. I supplement this minimalist workout with stair walking. My office at the college is located on the second floor, so I have to walk up 23 stairs to reach it. My goal is to walk UP the stairs 10 times during the day. I'm trying to figure out a schedule for re-introducing my weights. I've now completed my first week full time at my new job and have a better understanding of how my time is organized. One unexpected consequence: I didn't see my husband AT ALL this week except when he was asleep. We didn't see one another awake not once this whole week. We did talk on the phone briefly everday, but I never got to touch him. That was strange and unexpected. I expect that to change when his schedule slows down- its the busy season for his job. Right now I'm focusing on how to revv up my exercise with the schedule I have. I'm sitting on my butt or standing in place lecturing most of my day. I need more movement incorporated in my day.

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