Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goals of 2010

A new year means new resolve, and I am resolved to live a better life, and to be a better me. In that vein, behold my goals of 2010, in no certain order:

  • complete my masters in nursing education (Dec 2010)
  • publish my book (currently 50% completed, and headed in proposal form to an agent)
  • improve my Spanish (I'm hoping language school in Mexico will be a part of acheiving this goal)
  • increase revenue in my business (I have a specific dollar amount in mind)
  • have a monthly date night with my husband and one weekend getaway this year (my only goal dependent on another person's participation)
  • surrender to now (more on that later)
  • lose 5 pounds per month via conscious eating and intentional exercise (what this blog is all about)

There's my list. A perfect seven. Not too short nor too long. It includes goals for the body, mind, and spirit. It seeks improvement for both my inner and outer aspects. Some are solitary pursuits, and others demand partnerships. I look forward to the year ahead with great expectation and promise. I run with my arms wide open to embrace it.

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