Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mexican Veghead

Eating vegetarian in Mexico was much easier than I thought. After the big walk, we were taken back to the CASA compound by our hosts and fed lunch. I was amazed at how simple, yet delicious this meal was. They were referred to as tacos, yet this was not like any taco I had ever eaten. The tortillas had been dipped in a red sauce, filled with different fillings, folded in half, and served soft and warm. The fillings included: seasoned potatoes (this was my favorite), refried beans, chorizo and potatoes, or cheese. Shredded cabbage seasoned with cilantro and lime were served on the side along with salsa. We were each given a plate with 4 or 5 of the little tacos, to which we could add the cabbage, roll it up, and dip it in salsa. They were absolutely delicious, and so filling. Later that evening for dinner, I enjoyed chili relenos prepared with huge pablano peppers and stuffed with cheese, dipped in egg batter and fried. It was delicious, served in a light red sauce alongside brown rice. This delightful mean was prepared by my host's cook, who had a hot meal waiting for us when we returned at the end of the day- my hostess from her riding competition, and me from the fund raising walk. It was a nice end to a very busy day.

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